Why Should We Use Natural Soap?

Why Should We Use Natural Soap?

When I was at university, the first thing I learned from my teachers was that “the best cleaning is with soap and water”. How right they are. So many artificial and synthetic materials have surrounded us! We gradually moved away from our own traditions and turned to how many shampoos, lotions and detergents there are, with admiration from abroad. We even recommended each other. Rather than the abundance of chemicals in it, either its smell or its appearance attracted us.

Have you ever thought why cancer is increasing in our country. Everything is artificial! For example; Does it make sense to you that 1 soap is 5 TL? In fact, many products sold under the name of soap are so cheap because they are “synthetic”.

Is there a product that is synthetic and beneficial to human health? And that’s the amount of profitable sales of these people. Think about it, their cost is around 1 TL. Cold Press 1. Considering the kg price of quality olive oil, it is obvious how far these soaps are from naturalness. I would definitely recommend that you do not choose these soaps.

As a result, the more beautiful its image, smell and color, the more unnatural it is. In the research conducted by Ege University on liquid soaps with chemical content, it is reported that liquid soaps carry a 100% risk of skin cancer when they come into contact with open wounds on our hands, and the number of “Skin Cancer” patients has increased by 94% in the last 4 years in the applications made to Ankara Oncology Hospital. The numbers are appalling!

I cannot understand the imposition of so many chemical-added cosmetic and cleaning products on us and the increasing incidence of diseases and the protection of the interests of the pharmaceutical industry. I’m not even going into the food aspect of that. The dear people of my dear country are also attracted to advertisements and continue to use them unaware of everything. Please let’s think about this a little bit.

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