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Mankind has always benefited from nature from past to present. While this benefit is sometimes seen as food, sometimes it is used in health, cosmetics, chemistry, technique, etc. appear in the fields. Knowing that he always needs nature to survive, people are always grateful for these beauties offered by nature. From this point of view, as the Soap and Beauty family, we produce high quality soaps and skin care products that are friendly to the human body by combining the seeds, bark and extracts of the plants that nature offers us with first quality cold-pressed fixed oils and healing essential oils.

All the raw materials we use are obtained by natural methods and never contain harmful chemicals. We do not use any natural resources that are devoid of environmental awareness, do not comply with the principle of sustainability, cannot be eaten as food and cannot be recycled.

As the Soap and Beauty family, our primary goal is to always produce cosmetics with clean ingredients. Clean cosmetic consists of ingredients that do not contain chemical preservatives and are not poisonous for human metabolism and environmental health. Clean cosmetic products do not contain Paraben, Alcohol, SLS, Synthetic Silicone, Aluminum, Fluoride, Alum salt, Talc, Metallic oxide. Our body metabolizes 60% of cosmetic ingredients that come into contact with our skin. That is why our responsibility is so great.

Our soaps, which are produced with the cold process method, do not contain any chemicals other than soap, vegetable glycerin and unsaponified oil.

• Our products are manufactured according to GMP (good manufacturing practices) rules.
• Not tested on animals.
• Our products have “HALAL CERTIFICATE”.
• We aim to continuously increase our performance with the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Standard.
• We do not combine our products with plastic.
• We contribute to the green of the world.
• We contribute to sustainable life.
• We use energy efficiently.
• We respect nature.

We set out to produce our products in their most natural form. Hope you enjoy using it…
Commercial Cooperation
We want to grow both in Turkey and Europe and we are looking for both sales stores and distribution partners. For detailed information, you can contact us using the following communication tools.

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Our Certificates

As Soap And Beauty, you can review our certificates below and do your shopping safely with peace of mind.